Weekend Wonders!

Started the weekend @ Geneva @ The Herrington, amazing venue!

Our couple Lee & Lauren, so engaging, personal and joyful!

Next day, a little different @ Esper Petersen Park @ Gurnee!

But.. same joyful, engaging couple, West & Ruchelle!

Indiana Here We Come!

Indiana, such a nice place for a  summer wedding! Such a great place is Cedar Lake! and no better place the The Lighthouse!

But it’s a wedding, so it looks a little different!

Happy Bride with Mom & Dad!


Hoosier Grove Barn

Summer and a wedding at Hoosier Grove Barn in Streamwood, just great!

Welcome everyone!

Nice site and layout

Food anyone!

and of course our special couple!

Barn, Balls, & Ballrooms!

What is summer if not, unique ceremonies in a variety of settings! from the rustic barn 

to the green golf course, lush with flowers and bridges!

to Chicago with its ballrooms and lake views!

oops, don’t forget great couples and their families!

Best Day Of Summer!

Oh,my, to date best day of the year weather wise, June 24th! The setting StonebridgeCC @ Aurora, picture perfect!

Happy couple!